Making the Grade: See How Colleges Rank When It Comes to Health Care for Athletes - 11/6/2008

You may be surprised to learn that colleges are not required to pay to care for sports-related injuries. Click here to search the NCPA database to see where your school ranks.

November 6, 2008


Despite promises that many of you hear from coaches, schools do not have to pay for any of your sports-related medical expenses – it’s optional.  The NCPA is fighting to change this.

In the meantime, the NCPA has asked all Division I schools to disclose key medical policies that can affect you as a college athlete. You should know what an athletic program’s medical policies are before you decide which school to play for.

The NCPA rated each athletic program’s medical policies A+ through F.  Any school that refused to disclose their medical policies automatically received an “F” grade.

You can read more about this effort here. And you can search our Medical Grade Database here to see where the school's you're interested in rank.