The $11 Billion Plan

The NCPA pushes the NCAA to finally live up to its commitment to fully support athletes' education...

January 18, 2011

The NCPA is pushing for the NCAA to finally fulfill its commitment to fully support the education of football and basketball players by allowing them to receive athletic scholarships that are truly full.  Currently, NCAA rules leave all so-called "full" scholarship athletes with a shortfall of $3000/year.

While the NCAA's cap on athletic scholarships leaves players struggling to make ends meet, CBS is giving the NCAA almost $11 billion over 14 years just for the TV rights to the Men's Final Four Basketball Tournament.  The old men's basketball contract gave the NCAA about $545 million per year.  The new contract will give the NCAA an average of approximately $770 million per year.  This leaves approximately $225 million per year in new revenues.

The NCPA's $11 Billion Plan would require only $52 million each year to go toward D-I football and basketball player the  $3000 scholarship increase needed to cover the cost of attendance at their schools.

The NCPA is also pushing for an additional $52 million per year to go toward women's sports to help comply with Title IX requirements.

The NCPA's $11 Billion Dollar Plan would cost the NCAA only $104 million per year out of $225 million per year in new revenues on which no school is dependent.

This money would be allocated to every school with a Division I football and/or basketball program, and would shield schools that make less money from struggling financially when trying to provide scholarships that cover costs.

The money is there and the NCAA has no good reason to reject this plan.