NCAA and EA Sports Video Game Lawsuit Settlement

Information for college athletes on how to file a claim for NCAA video game lawsuit payout

March 25, 2015

Attorneys representing college athletes in the video game lawsuit against the NCAA and EA Sports had previously reached a $40 million dollar settlement with EA Sports and a $20 million dollar settlement with the NCAA. College players who were listed on the roster of an NCAA Division I Men’s Football or Basketball team, or college players who were a part of a team that was included in one of EA’s NCAA football, basketball, and March Madness video games between May 4, 2003 and September 3, 2014 could be entitled to a portion of the cash payments.

Though the payout amount for each qualified college athlete may not be significant, this lawsuit was extremely important as it lead to a ruling that allowed schools to increase scholarships and put $5,000/college player per year towards a college players’ fund.

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