Reminder to Parents & Recruits - Use CAP Guarantee on Signing Day!

The Letter of Intent provides no guarantees to recruits, so download and use the NCPA's free CAP Guarantee on signing day!

December 20, 2017

Warning: A Letter of Intent provides no protection for a player - it only protects the school.  Coaches too often use this to their advantage by breaking verbal promises to recruits after they have gained their trust during the recruiting process.  Also, despite overly restrictive NCAA rules, colleges can provide a number of protections to their athletes if the athletes know what to ask for.  A written guarantee can save you tens of thousands of dollars and prevent the agony of being betrayed by an athletic program.  Get informed, get protected with the College Athlete Protection (CAP) Guarantee.

The CAP Guarantee is a free, editable contract that allow D-I recruits and current college athletes to learn about and secure clear legal protections rather than rely on verbal promises from a coach who may or may not intend on honoring commitments and may or may not be there the next year.  Try to avoid coaches/athletic programs that are unwilling to provide written guarantees.

Click to download the NCPA's CAP Guarantee for free!