Loud and Clear: College Football Players Want Playoff

NCPA to push for new law: The College Football Playoffs Act

January 6, 2011

A National College Players Association (NCPA) survey of college football players from Football Bowl Subdivision schools reveals that 81% of respondents favor a playoff to determine the national champion.  After reviewing various playoff models, the percentage of those in support of a playoff jumps to 89%. The most popular playoff model among those surveyed is a 16-team playoff that guarantees entry to all 11 conference champions as well as 5 at large teams.

The survey results also show a strong desire among college football players to use bowl games as a part of any playoff system, and 58% of respondents would like to see the number of regular season games reduced if a playoff is implemented.

“Football players dedicate themselves year round for a fair opportunity to compete for a national championship.  It is unsportsmanlike for conference and bowl commissioners to stack the odds against some schools in favor of others.  We conducted this survey because the guys who actually play the sport should have some say,” stated NCPA President Ramogi Huma.

The survey results come only days after #3 TCU held on to an undefeated season by beating #5 Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.  The percentage of survey respondents that believe that the BCS system prevented their team from competing for or winning a national championship was 31%.

Due to the overwhelming support among its members and the inaction of the NCAA and conference commissioners, the NCPA announced today its intent to endorse a Congressional bill known as the College Football Playoffs Act.  This bill is intended to do away with the controversial BCS Championship and bring forth a college football playoff that would crown a true national champion.

The anonymous survey included an opportunity for football players to submit comments.  One player stated, “…We have allowed money to override the competitive spirit in college football and it is extremely sad...People know what is righteous and fair.  Something MUST be done.  I am personally disgusted by the system we have now and to me it is very un American.  America is the land of opportunity.  Well try to tell that to undefeated teams who get sent home with NO OPPORTUNITY."

The NCPA “College Football Playoff Survey” results are available on the NCPA web site: www.ncpanow.org