Coronavirus: NCPA Calls for Immediate Suspension of All Sports Activities

March 12, 2020

"Within hours of the NCAA's ban on crowds at NCAA events due to coronavirus concerns, the NBA suspended its season over coronavirus concerns.  The Power 5 Conferences have all cancelled their basketball tournaments.  While college athletes are young and may be typically be at lower risk of death caused by coronavirus, there are college athletes with underlying health conditions that may face an elevated risk of death.  Players may also have family members who have a higher risk of death from coronavirus.  In addition, there has been little discussion about whether or not contracting the common cold or flu may put young people at elevated risk of death if they contract the coronavirus.  Finally, public health authorities hope to slow the spread of coronavirus to save lives of vulnerable populations and prevent our medical system from being overwhelmed.  For these reasons, The National College Players Association is calling for the immediate suspension of all college sports activities including the NCAA's March Madness Tournament.  It is also calling for one additional year of eligibility across all sports that are affected by such suspensions."