College Athletes Launch Campaign for Fair Revenue Share

NCPA athlete leaders launch #FairRevShare campaign advocating to use a fair portion of revenue for athlete compensation, Ivy League scholarships, enforcing safety standards, and Title IX compliance… during their game.

November 16, 2022

NCPA college athlete advocacy leaders are announcing the #FairRevShare campaign which calls for NCAA sports revenue to be shared equitably among, and to benefit college athletes.  Under NCAA rules, conferences and colleges nationwide enter into collusive college athlete compensation agreements.  Last year, the US Supreme Court ruled 9-0against NCAA education-related athlete compensation prohibitions because they violated federal antitrust laws.  IvyLeague athletes continue to be unjustly denied scholarships despite the expiration of Ivy League colleges’ antitrust exemption.  Last month, the NCPA announced that it filed a complaint with the US Department of Justice against NCAA sports for illegally restricting college athlete compensation.

“We deserve the same freedoms and protections under the law as other Americans.  We need the US Department of Justice toeliminate NCAA compensation restrictions that rob thousands of college athletes of what would be the most valuable years of our lives,” stated Pre-SeasonAll American and Michigan basketball player Hunter Dickinson.

University of Pittsburgh basketball player Jamarius Burtonstated, “No athlete should face these unfair restrictions.  It’s especially harmful to athletes from low-income homes.”

Brown University women’s basketball player Grace Kirk stated, “AsIvy League athletes, we work just as hard as any other D1 team. Doing it without scholarship opportunities adds another element of difficulty to ourintense combination of training and studying. Unfortunately, some high-levelathletes cannot make the financial sacrifice to play for Ivy League schools without scholarship money.”

#FairRevShare athlete leaders at 10 Division I campuses are generating support among athletes at their schools, and released campaign goals that require a more equitable allocation of athletic revenue:

  • Fair Revenue Share (athletes would receive an equal amount of their team’s revenue)
  • Ivy League Scholarships
  • Protect NIL Freedoms (against any Congressional efforts to reduce our NIL freedoms)
  • Preserve All Sports (sports revenue is tax-free because of educational mission, cutting sports is not justified)
  • Enforce Title IX
  • Improve Graduation Rates (scholarships up to 6 years)
  • Enforce Safety Standards & Pay Athletic Medical Expenses

As a sign of solidarity and to advocate for #FairRevShare, Dickenson and Burton will wear an “S” for “Share”written on their hand when they face off into today’s Michigan v. Pittsburgh basketball game.  Kirk and other leaders will also begin wearing “S” during games.

“The ‘S’ on our hands is a call for economic freedom and fairness.  Imay be gone before change happens, but I want to do my part to stand up for the freedoms of younger athletes and future generations.  The time for fair revenue share is long overdue,”stated Dickinson.