NCPA & USW - A WinningTeam

Read more here about how the nation's largest industrial union is helping our nation's college athletes.

May 17, 2013

The United Steelworkers (USW) is a union that is providing the NCPA with support that is essential to the NCPA's success.  

“The United Steelworkers is committed to making sure college athletes across the nation have basic protections,” said Leo Gerard, USW International President.

With the great challenge of organizing a nation of college athletes, the NCPA reached out to labor unions to acquire advice from expert organizers.  

The NCPA found the Steelworkers, a powerful organization that has experience in organizing traditional labor unions as well as organizing college student groups.  

The Steelworkers recognized the mission and goals of the NCPA as a legitimate effort to improve the lives of hardworking young adults. With that, the NCPA secured support from the USW, which has since provided legal, organizing, communications, and fundraising assistance.