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May 17, 2013

San Jose State Among Best in Athlete Health Care

San Jose State boasts an A+ when it comes to its athletic program's medical policies. Read a Spartan Daily article here.

Congressman Thinks Colleges Should Pay Athletes

A Chicago congressman plans to summon university presidents to a hearing on whether college athletes should be paid, saying athletes are being exploited for their ability to help schools realize "extravagant revenues." Read the Baltimore Sun report here.

CBS Sportsline

Alliance with labor union gives athletes coalition teeth. Read a CBS Sports report here.


Money, health care top group's list.

CBS: 60 Minutes

College 'Sweatshops'? Read a 60 Minutes report here.


Give Student Athletes Their Share. Read the LaborNET report here.

The New York Times

In College Athletics, You Have to Follow the Money. Read this New York Times report here.

Pittsburgh Business Times

United Steelworkers lend a helping hand to frustrated NCAA athletes. Read this Pittsburgh Business Times report here.

Sports Illustrated

The air up there, College president could get NCAA's top job. Read this Sports Illustrated report here.