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NCPA President Ramogi Huma stated, "This is a historic milestone in college athletes' fight for basic protections. We have proven that when current and former college athletes stick together, we are a powerful force. This is just the beginning. The NCP




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October 5, 2010    


Schwarzenegger Signs Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act

New law forces athletic programs to be honest with recruits


Riverside, CA -- California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed the NCPA-sponsored “Student-Athletes’ Right to Know Act” (AB 2079) into law.  For the first time, colleges will be required to make public their policies concerning sports-related medical expenses, standards for scholarship renewals, and out-of-pocket expenses that student-athletes on “full” athletic scholarships are expected to pay.

NCPA President Ramogi Huma stated, “This is a historic milestone in college athletes’ fight for basic protections.  We have proven that when current and former college athletes stick together, we are a powerful force.  This is just the beginning.  The NCPA will not stop until all athletic programs are forced to be honest with their recruits.”


Currently, the majority of high school recruits, who are typically only 16 and 17 years old, are deciding which college to attend based on false information given to them by college coaches.  As a result, most recruits and their parents have no idea that colleges can leave them with sports-related medical expenses, take away their scholarship when they’re injured, and leave them with tens of thousands of dollars in educational-related expenses.  AB 2079 will ensure that any recruit in the nation that is recruited by a California athletic program will have access to the truth about these critical policies. 


The NCPA praised the United Steelworkers and the California Labor Federation for their support for AB 2079.  The Steelworkers has been a long time supporter of the NCPA and was able to help keep this bill from dying in the California Legislature at key moments in the legislative process.


United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard stated, “The Steelworkers would like to congratulate the NCPA for its tremendous work on behalf of college athletes across the nation.  The Steelworkers are proud supporters of the National College Players Association and its efforts to secure basic protections for some of the hardest working young people in the country.”

Assembly Members Tom Torlakson and Mike Davis co-authored this legislation.  Torlakson is currently running for California State Superintendent of Public Instruction and is a former high school teacher and coach.

Over the years, the NCPA has established itself as the voice for college athletes, and has helped bring forth important reforms including:


  • The establishment of a $10 million fund to allow players that have not graduated to continue their education
  • Elimination of various limits on student-athlete health coverage
  • Improved safety rules to help prevent avoidable deaths
  • Increase in the NCAA death benefit from $10,000 to $25,000
  • Eliminated the $2000 salary cap on earnings from legitimate employment


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