Article Brief

Some say college athletes get a "free ride" and should not complain. Click here to read why this idea is nonsense.

There is no question about it - college athletes are fortunate. We have been given an opportunity to get an education while playing sports that we enjoy.


Just because we are fortunate does not mean that we should not try to minimize risks and secure basic protections.

The NCAA tries to convince us that we have little, if anything, to complain about because we are getting a “free ride” through college. This is not true.  Our scholarships are not free - we WORK for them.

The following explains how college athletes EARN an opportunity to get a college education:

  • Year-round strength and conditioning workouts.
  • Countless hours per week of mandatory participation in a sport (hours per week greatly increase because “voluntary” activities are performed).
  • Injuries and surgeries that are endured throughout an athlete’s career.
  • Risk of permanent physical disability and death.
  • Generating billions of dollars from TV contracts, ticket sales, etc.
  • Giving national exposure to our schools.

College athletes do not get a “free ride." Our education definitely has a price. Hard work and high risks are the trade-off for our scholarships. We should not have to keep quiet while being subjected to unethical conditions.