Article Brief

Read about the many NCPA victories that have improved the lives of college athletes here.

Over the years, the NCPA has been pivotal in bringing forth the following reforms:

  • A $10 million fund to assist former athletes who wish to complete their undergraduate degree or attend a graduate program.
  • Sponsored The Student-Athletes Bill of Rights, which requires California athletic programs to provide protections such as scholarships for permanently injured athletes, sports-related medical coverage, and scholarships for degree completion.
  • An increase in the NCAA death benefit from $10,000 to $25,000.
  • The elimination of limits on health care for college athletes.
  • The option of athletic programs to give players multi-year scholarships.
  • New laws to minimize deceptive recruiting practices.
  • The expansion of the NCAA Catastrophic Injury Insurance Policy so that college athletes who suffer permanent, debilitating injuries can receive adequate home health care.
  • Key safety guidelines to help prevent deaths during workouts.
  • A lawsuit settlement that made over $445 million in direct benefits available to athletes of all sports.
  • The expansion of the types of scholarship money players can receive.
  • The elimination of the $2000 salary cap on money earned from part-time jobs.  

It has become evident that, as the NCPA succeeds, college athletes gain the basic protections they so desperately need.